About Us

Our Story:

Our story is the dream of two young entrepreneurs, Fawaz Albinmohammed and Ebrahim AlSada, who always had a passion for football throughout the years.

With the aim to create "The best Football Center" in Bahrain, they started working on the concept of Winners Football Center. A place dedicated to all aspects of football, based in Bahrain with a vision to expand in the region.

Focused on quality of the facility itself and its services, the concept of Winners became a reality. Winners is a place which is fully equipped with multi-use facilities with all necessities and much more. It is a place to gather the entire family and friends, and enjoy safe and fun activities.

For us, football is a way of life. It is Art, Music, Dance, Enjoyment, Family, and Socializing. It is FUN, SKILL, and HEART. 

Our Vision:

To develop and operate the best football centers in the region.

Our Mission:

To create football centers around the region that offers the best playing, training, socializing and entertaining services for all football enthusiasts.

Our Brand Values:

Winners Football Center logo represents the football itself and the three stars are the center’s values which are:

  • Fun - Enjoyment and happiness for all ages at the center, during playing or watching the world’s best game. 
  • Skill -Playing football with your best skills and techniques and developing and mastering these techniques. 
  • Heart -Developing self-confidence, team work, empowerment, body wellness and a healthy life style to all customers of the center.